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We have collected video content covering many of the activities available and information provided at our regular in-person open days.

Follow this link for video FAQs

Engineering at Cambridge

Staff and students talk about the Engineering course at Cambridge and why it is a great place to study.


Dr Hugh Hunt - Gyroscopes

Dr Hugh Hunt, academic in the Department and fellow of Trinity College talks about and, more importantly, demonstrates gyroscopes.


Dyson Centre

See the Dyson Centre, our student maker space and hear about the projects that are created using this facility.


Chemical Engineering Biotechnology

Students and staff describe the course and the features they enjoy.


2018 Engineering Open Days

See what happens at our in-person open days!  A sprint around the tours and demonstrations available to our visitors on regular Open Days.


Example Cambridge Engineering Interview

A 45 minute watch, this is essential viewing for anyone invited for interview at Cambridge.

Maria Kettle - The Paperang

Department Outreach Officer, Maria Kettle, constructs an example of the Paperang. This is an advanced paper plane described by its inventor as the 'The Best Paper Airplane System in the World'. Follow along with Maria and test it yourself!

Maria Kettle - The Launch-o-Tron

Design and make a launcher that enables repeatable flights for scientific investigation of flight using paperang aircraft.


Maria Kettle - The Cheap Scientific Investigation of Flight

Use your paperang and launcher to investigate scientifically parameters that affect the glide of aircraft