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Applicant Information


To study Engineering at Cambridge you need to be admitted by a College.

The University's Online Undergraduate Prospectus is the best starting point for details about how to apply.

Physical copies of the Undergraduate Prospectus are available to order from the Cambridge Admissions Office via this web link

Tel:   (01223) 333308 

The Alternative Prospectus is published on-line by Cambridge University Students' Union (CUSU).

Tel:   (01223) 333313 

You must apply well in advance; most students apply at the end of their first year in the sixth form. If you wish to take a year out between school and university (in industry for example) you can still apply at the end of your first year in the sixth form and ask for deferred entry. In this case you may also apply after taking your A Levels. Applications must be made by mid-October. All decisions on applications to Cambridge are made by the end of the following January.

Applicants for Engineering (except those applying to the four Colleges for mature students) are required to take a pre-interview Admissions Assessment. More details about this assessment can be found here