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Applicant Information


This page hosts videos with information about the Cambridge Engineering course, the admissions process and the Engineering specialisms that we offer. More content is planned for this site, please check back regularly.

Engineering at Cambridge and the Admissions Process

The following video is taken from 2021, but may still be helpful to potential applicants. However, some details in the video are no longer relevant or are out of date: (1) Chemical Engineering is now its own separate four year course; (2) this year's deadline for registering for the ENGAA (Engineering Admissions Assessment), and this year's deadline for applying to UCAS for the University of Cambridge are both available at this link here; (3) the additional “SAQ” form is now called the “MyCApp” form, and its relevance, detail and submission deadline can be found here.

Dr John Durrell, Director of Admissions, Department of Engineering, introduces our course and explains the admissions process.

ENGAA - The Engineering Admissions Assessment

Dr Jane Buckle of Cambridge Assessment describes how ENGAA operates and works through example problems.

Dr Keith Seffen - Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Dr Keith Seffen talks about civil, structural and environmental engineering

Prof. Tim Wilkinson - Electrical Engineering

Prof. Tim Wilkinson talks about Electrical Engineering.

Dr Ioannis Lestas - Information Engineering

Dr Ioannis Lestas talks about Information Engineering in the Cambridge Engineering course.

Dr Ronan Daly - Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Ronan Daly talks about the Manufacturing Engineering option and gives us a tour of the Institute of Manufacturing.

Dr James Talbot, Prof Michael Sutcliffe and Dr David Cole
Mechanics and Materials Engineering

Talk giving an introduction to materials and mechanics engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Thermofluid Mechanics

Talk giving an introduction to Thermofluid Mechanics at the University of Cambridge.