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Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Teaching in the first two years will include courses relating to:

  • Linear Circuits and Devices 
  • Digital Circuits and Information Processing 
  • Electromagnetics
  • Electrical Machines
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves.

Those choosing Electrical and Electronic Engineering as their specialisation at the end of two years will then study a range of topics which best represents the current trends in circuits, devices and systems for hardware implementations. 

Third Year

Students intending to qualify in Electrical and Electronic Engineering must study all six of the modules listed below in their third year.

Number and title of module
3B1   Radio frequency electronics
3B2   Integrated digital electronics
3B3   Switch-mode electronics
3B4   Electric drive systems
3B5   Semiconductor engineering
3B6   Photonic technology

Module 3B1 introduces the circuit and system design aspects of electronics which operate at radio frequency and are essential in applications such as mobile communications. It also covers advanced circuit concepts used in analogue electronics. 3B2 covers digital circuit and system design together with their implementation in integrated circuits. 3B3 covers the circuits in which transistors operate not only as ON/OFF switches, but where both input and output parameters can vary linearly. Such circuits are particularly relevant for power conditioning. 3B4 covers the operation and design of electrical energy transfer for the drive of motion/actuation systems. Module 3B5 covers principles of solid state electronic devices ranging from the underlying semiconductor physics to the operating characteristics and design of advanced transistors. 3B6 covers the design principles of systems and devices which operate in the optical frequencies (photonics). It also includes the principles of optical fibre communications.

Recommended Engineering Area Extension Activity: Investigation of the design of CD players

Fourth Year

Students intending to qualify in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the fourth year must include at least four of the modules listed below:

Number and title of module
4B2   Power microelectronics
4B5   Nanotechnology
4B6   Solid state devices and chemical/biological sensors
4B7   VLSI design, technology and CAD
4B11   Photonic systems
4B13   Electronic sensors and instrumentation
4B14   Solar-electronic power: generation and distribution
4B19   Renewable electrical power
4B20   Display technology
4B21   Analogue integrated circuits
4C3   Electrical and nano materials
4C15   MEMS: design
4F5   Advanced communications and coding
4M6   Materials and processes for microsystems (MEMS)
4M20 Robotics