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Energy, Sustainability & the Environment

Power generation and environmental engineering are central to the advancement of a sustainable future in developed and emerging economies. Energy engineering and sustainability are broad interdisciplinary subjects.

Third Year

This Engineering Area offers the opportunity to draw together modules across electrical, mechanical and civil engineering, underpinned by fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. For example, 3A1 introduces incompressible fluid flows, and 3A5 focuses on power generation in gas and steam turbine plants, and fuel cells. But, in parallel, thermofluids may be studied in other application areas, such as buildings and infrastructure (3D5 and 3D8, complemented by Part IIB modules such as Architectural Engineering and Sustainable Development). Across Parts IIA and IIB, this Engineering Area enables students to study the whole power industry and associated technologies (fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable energy). 

Students intending to qualify in this Engineering Area must include at least six of the modules listed below in their third year.

Number and title of module
3A1   Fluid mechanics I (double module)
3A3   Fluid mechanics II (double module) 
3A5   Thermodynamics and power generation
3A6   Heat and mass transfer
3B4   Electric drive systems
3D5   Water engineering
3D8   Building physics and environmental geotechnics
4M16   Nuclear power engineering

Recommended Engineering Area Extension Activity: Flow visualisation or IC engine performance/emissions or Design and performance of a portable motor-generator set

Fourth Year

Students intending to qualify in this Engineering Area in the fourth year must include at least four of the modules listed below:

Number and title of module
4A2   Computational fluid dynamics
4A3   Turbomachinery
4A9   Molecular thermodynamics
4A13   Combustion and IC engines
4B14   Solar electronic power: generation and distribution
4B19   Renewable electrical power
4D13   Architectural engineering
4D14   Contaminated land and waste containment
4D15   Sustainable water engineering
4I5   Nuclear materials
4I7   Electricity and environment
4I10   Nuclear reactor engineering
4I11   Advanced fission and fusion systems
4M14   Sustainable development
4M15   Sustainable energy
4M16   Nuclear power engineering
4M18   Present and future energy systems