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Applicant Information


industrial_exp.jpgAll Engineering graduates from Cambridge University must complete a minimum of six weeks of relevant industrial experience by the end of the third year. The Department has a full-time Industrial Experience Coordinator whose role is to assist undergraduate engineers find suitable work experience to meet these course requirements and to help and advise on matters relating to work experience. 

If you are interested in deferred entry, which a number of Colleges encourage, the Industrial Experience Coordinator can also help you find a pre-University gap year placement. Work placements can often lead to sponsorship. Once you have a firm offer of a place, his services will be available to you.

There are opportunities during the degree course to gain initial or further industrial experience during the summer vacations. It is not common for Engineering undergraduates to take a 'year out' during the course of their studies but it is possible, except between the first and second years.


Industrial sponsorship is not uncommon among Engineering students and schools/colleges can often advise on application procedures. Sponsoring companies usually provide opportunities for vacation employment as well as financial benefits to their students. This is an opportunity for you to get a real feel for what sort of career would suit you and which companies will offer a stimulating working environment. Sponsorship opportunities also arise during the course following a successful work placement or via a mid-course sponsoring scheme. 

Working Abroad

If you would like to work abroad, you will find our Department's Language Unit a real boon. Help and advice is also available on compiling CVs in a foreign language together with some assistance with finding placements.

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