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Other Factors That Might Influence College Choice

Table 2 lists other information that may be helpful when trying to choose your College. This includes:

  • The number of Engineering students typically admitted each year;
  • The number of Engineers on each College's Fellowship;
  • The number of years for which the College guarantees to provide its Engineering students with accommodation. Please note that many of the Colleges that are listed as only providing accommodation for three years are often able to provide it for the fourth year, but cannot guarantee to be able to do so;
  • The types of student admitted by each College. Note that there are four Colleges that admit only mature students (those over the age of 21) and three that admit only women;
  • Each College's attitude to deferred entry, an important issue that is discussed in more detail below.

It is recommended that, before you make up your mind about a choice of College, you also read:

Deferred Entry

Some Colleges positively encourage deferred entry* for Engineering; no College discourages it. A gap year can be a most valuable time if used positively, for example in travel and/or work experience in industry.

From Table 2 you can see that two of the four Colleges that admit mature students strongly encourage deferred entry. It is, of course, almost inevitable that mature students will by definition be deferred entry applicants!

The Department has a full-time Industrial Experience Co-ordinator, whose role is to help deferred entrants and undergraduates find suitable industrial experience. If a College makes you an offer, he will be pleased to help you find gainful gap year employment.

Further advice about finding a gap year placement is provided elsewhere in this prospectus.

* In this context, a deferred entry applicant is anyone who would be starting the course a year (or possibly more) after leaving school.